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We are here to help and serve your needs in Property Preservation Management. We have a 5 star rating which we are very proud of, while we always strive to help our clients. 

We are a Property Preservation company that cares for the inside and outside of a foreclosed property. commercial property and much more. We care for vacant or occupied properties. We work with banks, asset management companies and other property management companies to provide services such as repair, inspection, insurance claim management, landscaping and other maintenance. 

What we can help you with is a wide range of Property Management Services:




Dr. Myeshi Williams-Briley, ,MS,HS-BCP,BREC,CDKA
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I used this company to care for my home while I traveled, for 6 months for my employer in the oil and gas industry. I was also new to Texas and needed that help, while I learned my new role at my employer. I was very pleased with the service of outdoor and indoor care for home. 

Customer Review  Roy Cunningham
Great Company nothing but praise, had to use them because my parents past away and I needed to make sure my parent property/estate  was taken care of while we take care of other things. They took the worry out of caring for the property. I am so thankful to Blue Scorpion Property Preservation Management Group.

— Customer Review By Becky Livingston 
Used this company. They delivered more then what I asked for. Always amazing to find a great company. I will use them again and tell others.  Just what I needed and was looking for. Thank you,  Blue Scorpion Property Group
Job well done..........

— Customer Review Kenneth Grey


Blue Scorpion Property Preservation Management Group LLC


Blue Scorpion Property Preservation Management Group LLC